Code of Conduct


  • I will maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct, which includes self-control, responsible behaviour, and consideration for the physical and emotional well being of others.
  • I will not make inappropriate or unwanted physical, verbal, or sexual advances on others.
  • I will treat others with respect and expect to be treated with respect in return.
  • I will refrain from using profane, insulting, or otherwise offensive language.
  • I will not possess or use any illegal drugs. I will not take drugs for the purpose of improving my performance.
  • I will refrain from judging, criticizing, or otherwise creating a hostile environment.
  • I will comply with all facility and government-imposed rules and share the pool responsibly. 
  • I will reimburse the cost of any damage to equipment or any other property resulting from wilful or negligent action on my part.
  • I understand that a breach of any part of this Code of Conduct is sufficient grounds for me to be removed from the club membership either temporarily or permanently at my expense.

Training and Competition:

  • I will conduct myself with honour and dignity.
  • I will treat all teams, spectators, and officials with respect.
  • I believe in the honesty and integrity of opponents and officials.
  • I will accept peacefully and without question the decision of the officials.
  • I will recognize and applaud honestly and wholeheartedly the efforts of other teams’ opponents regardless of skill, score, colour, creed, or race.
  • I will accept both victory and defeat with pride and compassion, never being boastful nor bitter.

Conflict Resolution:

If unable to resolve conflicts on their own in a civil and reasonable manner, swimmers should contact a coach or, when appropriate, a UBC Masters Board member for assistance and mediation.

Penalties for Violation of the Code of Conduct:

If a swimmer or coach violates the Code of Conduct, any or all of the following penalties may be applied at the discretion of the UBC Masters Executive:

  • Private reprimand
  • Suspension from practice without reimbursement of fees paid
  • Revocation of membership and denial of participation. This penalty shall be used in cases of egregious, repeated, and/or irresolvable violations, and it requires concurrence of the UBC Masters Executive.

Please refer to Swim BC’s policies for any circumstances that are not covered here.